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Milano Fashion Week 2019


Bosideng Attracts International Media Attention at Milano Fashion Week

At 15:00 on September 19, 2019 Milan time, Bosideng made an astonishing appearance at Milano Fashion Week in the Triennale Design Museum, a landmark in the fashion and design industry of Milan.

Milano Fashion Week has always been regarded as “forecast” of global fashion and consumption amongst the Big Four fashion weeks. Bosideng’s choice to present the show in the Triennale Design Museum has drawn great attention from fashion insiders around the world. Designed by the famous architect Giovanni Muzio with painstaking effort, the Museum, as a landmark of both the modern art and design communities of Milan, becomes an eye-catching stage for Bosideng to represent its gorgeousness during Milano Fashion Week.

Bosideng Amazed Milano Fashion Week

Bosideng invited the supermodel Kendall Jenner to open the show, and perform the beauty of its down jacket design. At this glorious feast of craft and art, the guests experienced the perfect fusion of the Oriental traditional aroma and Milan romantic atmosphere at closer distance.

The show used three natural scenes themed starry sky, glaciers and landscape to create unique artistic atmospheres and showed its new collections in combination of high-tech visual effect. Bosideng indeed presented the audience a multi-dimensional sensory feast.

The new collections Bosideng released in this show, namely, “Starry Sky”, “Extreme”, “The Landscape”, help to consolidate its brand-new image of “down jacket expert” and show the charm of fashion. For more than 40 years, Bosideng has been focusing on making down jacket with high quality, and by integrating technical functions and fashion design into the clothing, Bosideng is bringing diversity to down jackets.

Stars sparkling the Show of Bosideng

A strong celebrity lineup, including Nicole Kidman, the famous Hollywood movie star and the Best Actress from the Academy Award, Kendall Jenner, the most popular supermodel of the world, Chiara Ferragni, the “universal fashion blogger”, Ottavio Fabbri, the Italian top artist, SOLVE SUNDSB, the luxury brand photographer are all presented to support the show of Bosideng at Milano Fashion Week.

The international superstars and fashion influencers said, Bosideng has showcased its ingenious collections with traditional base and innovative technology through this show, showing the unique Oriental charm to the world.

At the closure of the show, stars, fashion icons and senior buyers have gathered in the showroom, where they appreciated the fabric material, craft and design of the new collections closely, obviously another wave of fashion will be led.

When Eastern Art meets Western Art

The “Starry Sky” collection is inspired by the oil painting “SKY” created for Bosideng by Ottavio Fabbri, who is regarded as “Mozart” in the painting world. The perfect fusion of the romantic Western illusion and reserved Oriental beauty reveal the brand image of the “down jacket expert” and interprets the charm of fashion for the world.

The collections of “Starry Sky”, “Extreme” and “The Landscape”, were excellent works composed of the accumulation from the 43-year ingenuity and craftsmanship of Bosideng, featuring high-tech, artistic touch, and practicability, which will provide outstanding wearing experience, and highlight the Oriental charm with innovative design.

F/W 2019/20Collection
F/W 2019/20Collection
F/W 2019/20Collection
F/W 2019/20Collection


Passion, experience, and high quality. These are the values which compose the long Bosideng traditions’ roots.

F/W 2019/20

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